Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Making Plans and Freaking Out

Ok, so maybe we aren't freaking out, but that is only because we are constantly reminding each other that God is in control and everything will work out.  So, onto the point of this whole post.  We get to come home this summer- YEAH, but that comes with lots of planning.  Planning to get our house situated here, planning to get all of our jobs turned over to someone else, planning so we don't have to walk everywhere we go in the states and planning so we have a place to sleep without pitching a tent while there (I am not a huge fan of camping and sometimes I feel like my whole life is like camping.)

So, here is where the audience particiapation comes in-  please join us in praying for our HMA (Home Missionary Assignment).  The last HMA we had was amazing.  First Baptist Church of Round Rock (where my parents attend) has a mission house we were able to live it and it was amazing (although I think I already used that adjective)- only 10 minutes from my parents house (yeah from the kids), and only 5 minutes from Papa Murphy's (our favorite meal of the summer of 2011).  Unfortunately the house was already booked for the time we will be in the USA.  We were also blessed the last HMA with my grandfathers old car which my parents lovingly provided.   Being the Good Samaaratins they are, the car has since found a very needed home.  So, as God likes to do, He has brought us to a place where we have to be prayful and have faith.

              Please pray:
                            - that we can find a place to live from August to January (preferably in the Waco area.) While we love our friends and family, honestly it is very difficult as a family to live with others.  It would really be a blessing to visit friends and family but then have a "home" to get away to and have private family time. 
                            - that we can have a dependable car to drive for that same time.  We will need to travel a lot to see friends (some with new big amazing houses-but I'm not jealous) and family all over the US who also happen to be amazing supporters of God's work here.
                           - that we remember that God already has this under control.  In the past 5 years He has provided for us so far beyond what we could imagine that we wait patiently to see what he has planned this time. 
                           -that we will finish well here.  Honestly we are tired and ready for a break, but we know that it is important to do our jobs just as well in the last few months as we did in the first- but without the excitement of the first few months, it can get difficult to give everything all the time.