Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jungle Posts, Jungle posts and More Jungle Posts

So, prepare yourselves for lots, and I mean, lots of jungle posts.  We (mainly Joe) have been busy and are finally getting around to writing some posts and a newsletter (but don't hold your breath for the later).  This will probably be in no particular order (as we can't remember which trip came when) but there is plenty to tell.  God is doing amazing things in the jungles of Ecuador and He is raising up great leaders in the jungle communities.  We are so fortunate to get to be involved and excited to be along for the ride even when it involves eating interesting things.  So, here we go.

In May, the entire family traveled to the community of Wayusentsa for a combined Water Project/Medical Caravan trip.  Joe began seeing the children supported by Compassion and then moved on to the rest of the community.

The water projects team is in the process of putting in a clean water system in this community so they wanted to do a parasite study before and after to compare.  I took in a field microscope and found lots and lots of parasites along with having fun showing them to the community.

Doing homework in the jungle can be a little bit harder than at home, but Bella got lots of help.

This was our "home" for the week.  Hammock tents are definitely the way to go.  Every night we were visited by the local dogs and a few bats flying overhead.  One night, a bat even flew into a hammock line.  So much for eco-location.  

Breakfast of yuca, platano, and a wild turkey.

Sebastiao being good and drinking his Chicha

A little helper

Enjoying the foot in the chicken foot soup.