Monday, March 4, 2013


Paul's Epistle in Achuar
It's hard to believe that we're already into March of (the not so new anymore) 2013.  It seems like only yesterday that we were coping with the New Year's crowd of patients in the hospital ER.  Since then we've made several trips into the jungle and one in particular was very satisfying.  I recently flew in to an Achuar community called Copataza.  It's about 30 minutes by air and fortunately the weather was cooperating so it was an uneventful flight.  It had been my first time to Copataza and we were going to be there 2 days in order to examine the kids sponsored by Compassion and to see any others that had any kind of medical problem.  We've been doing these caravans for about 8 months now and this was one of the first communities that had its own church.

Copataza's pastor, Pedro Vargas
Pedro has been the pastor in Copataza for several years now and what's more important is that he's actually from the community and very burdened for the hearts of his people.  He has a new church building (where we set up our tents) and is able to hold services at least twice a week.  In addition to being the pastor he's the father of eight girls - talk about being busy!
This is what keeps Pedro busy

Interior of the church

Some much needed help.

We were able to see over a hundred people including 80 to 90 kids.  Fortunately the kids were for the most part, fairly healthy.  They all got antiparasite medicine and many received vitamins to combat malnutrition.  We did see a child with a forearm fracture that had occured right outside of the community hut where we were seeing patients.  He had been climbing trees with his friends and had fallen.  He was only four years old and in obvious pain.  Taking a page out of a first aid book, we were able to use some small sticks to stabilize his arm until he

 could be flown out.  We had 
equipment to deal with lacerations and abscesses but not fractures.  Soon he was off and we were able to see the others that were there.  Overall it was a great time and we were able to see how the Lord was actively working here. As you remember us, please keep Pedro and his family in your prayers as he continues his ministry to Copataza and many of it's surrounding communities. - Joe