Monday, August 23, 2010

Great Pleasure

Sorry I didn't get a post up this morning, but I spent the night vomiting and most of today in bed with my wonderful husband taking care of things around the house. So, here it is (just a little late).

One of the greatest parts of our job here is working with medical residents and interns. Obviously Joe gets to know them better than I do, but that is why we try to have them over as much as possible. This was an amazing group of residents and it was wonderful getting to know them, even if only for a short time. Its wonderful to find things in common such as children. Ruth (on the left) has a 2 year old son and Veronica (on the right) has a little girl on the way.

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  1. Hey Dr.Joe lookin good.Sounds like things are going good for the Martin family.Things are well for me & Linda.Bumping 8 years since you got me headed right.Life is good and The Father has bless us beyound what we deserve.Thanks Joe,will never forget all you did for me.Blessings---Jerry Hineline