Friday, December 10, 2010

Bercy Hospital

Please continue to pray for the team in Haiti: For their safety during the political unrest, for their longevity as they finish up their first week there and especially for those they are caring for. Please pray that lives will not only be saved physically but spiritually as well. Here is an excerpt from Joe's email yesterday. The Ruth and Betzabe that he talks about below are 2 of the medical residents from our hospital who also went on the trip.

Our shift last night was truly blessed as we ended up working 15 hours and didn’t kill anyone. We actually brought a few back from the brink. We had a 76% increase in the number of patients overnight from 38 to 67!!!!! Two of them especially were so dehydrated that they didn’t have a palpable pulse and would have been dead in less than an hour in my opinion. Our nurses were GREAT!!!!!! Team Ecuador has really left an impression on the staff here as well – as being dependable, flexible and caring. Several of the people that have worked with us have asked to be scheduled with us for their time here. One guy, Dr David Gettle, who specializes in disasters and was here in January with Eckehart and team said that if he gets a call about another disaster he’ll ask if they’ve called the Ecuador team yet or not and that he’d go in when they sent us. He was joking but also serious. He has been very impressed with Betzabe and Ruth. They are such good workers and so caring. It’s been a blessing to have them here.

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