Monday, November 28, 2011

Masaramu trip, Part 3

As I'd mentioned before, we'd all gone to bed pretty early and slept through a night that was pretty warm. We slept in small tents in the education building. It is open to the air so there's usually a small breeze or at least cooler that if we'd slept in a completely enclosed building. We were up early and had left over vagre with some rice and plantain bananas. I'd brought some small packets of Starbuck's instant coffee (a lifesaver and much better than the old Nescafe) and shared that with Jonathon. I left a few packets with the tribal leader Galo. It'd be interesting to see if he liked it.

After breakfast we got started and were blessed to see to teachers from Jandiayacu bring their students. They, for the most part, were well behaved and seemed to enjoy the interaction. After we'd finished the lessons. They brought the children over to me for an exam. They all got antiparasite medicine and a few had colds. Because I was not traveling with a medical team, I was limited in what I could bring. I quickly ran out of prenatal vitamins and iron but did have enough antibiotics and antiparasite medicine for everyone. An elderly couple came to see me and I gave them a bottle of tylenol (it works wonders here in Ecuador). All were appreciative and hopefully we can send a larger team in the future.

The lesson that I gave this morning was from the book of John - the feeding of the 5 thousand and Jesus walking on water. The keys to the lesson were that the Lord is lord of all - heaven and earth and also that the Lord will meet all of our needs. It was a great example of the faith that Jesus wants us to display. Several times throughout the lesson we got to remind them what Jesus had done in the past to continually show how He is God as well as Son. Wilson again did a great job of translating and I saw several heads go up and down. All of the adults and many of the teenagers that were listening seemed to be paying attention. Culturally, they don't ask a lot of questions so we all prayed that the Holy Spirit would continue to work in their hearts as the lessons progressed. Wilson gave the last lesson and we soon headed off for lunch. We then packed up and said our goodbyes.

We made it back to Shell shortly thereafter with a feeling of satisfaction and a little bit curious as to how it was all going to play out. There are only a few lessons left and Chad is going to be taking another team to their communities in a few weeks. I hope to share some news of the conclusion of the study in a few months. Yntil then, please pray that the Holy Spirit continue to work in their hearts and that many of them may accept the call to be disciples within their community and that the harvest may be plentiful. Please also pray for the safety of the teams as they fly in and out of the communities.

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  1. We will keep the village in our prayers. You planted the seed, the plant will grow.