Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rey y Reina de Navidad

 I (Tracy) was fortunate enough the week before Christmas to be asked to judge the Concurso del Rey y Reina de Navidad por HVO (the contest to choose the King and Queen of Christmas for the hospital).  It was so much fun. Just a warning there will be a lot of pictures, partly because of how much fun we had but also because words just couldn't explain what went on. When I was asked to judge they didn't tell me I would have to stand up in front of everyone and speak.  I don't enjoy speaking into a microphone in English, but in Spanish is even worse.... I'm glad Joe didn't get a picture of me up there..... horrifying!

First there was some sort of balloon game that I just didn't understand, but everyone enjoyed it!

Then the King and Queen from last year spoke.

Each department in the hospital could nominate a king or queen.  Marisol was the nurses' (Enfermeria) nominee and she was led by her "capitan" Isabel and a entire army of supporters.

The contestants were judged partially on how large and loud their cheering sections were.... and they were all very loud and creative with what they used to make noise.


Laurita was the lab's nominee and I think she had the best costume of them all, although I am a little partial.  Her entire ensemble was lab material.
   Marisol again, this time in her "shining" best.  They actually plugged her in when she gave her speech. 

Monica was the nominee for accounting.  She was robed in money and returned checks (that was the best part). 

 Fernando was the King nominee from accounting.  He is our IT guy so he had some computer cables to go along with the money. 

Rodrigo was the maintenance department's nominee and he entered to music and fanfare.... more of terminator-type king. 

Joe had the honor of crowning the Queen, Marisol!

and finally the king and queen took their walk together.  

It was a wonderful experience and I am so grateful I was asked to be one of the judges.

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  1. What fun and what imaginations! Of course, I noticed that the doors/windows were open and everyone was in summer clothing. Burr ...