Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just One of the Guys

One of the great things about serving in Shell is being surrounded by a great group of believers that share in your hardships and joys. Recently a few of us got together to take a picture highlighting the joy that is to be hairless and have a goat-tee. On my left are Matt Kappen, Mike Tacheny, and Dan Benedick. Mike and Dan naturally were blessed with smooth scalps as I am so Matt decided that he would have to shave his head so he wouldn't be left out - 'reverse peer pressure'. He also grew a goat-tee. You can only imagine what a supportive wife Matt has to allow him to do this. His young daughter Lily wasn't too happy, though. Sadly, Matt's conversion "didn't take" and he's back to having to use hair gel.

Here, I'm sitting next to Mattias Egberth (one of our surgeons who is from Sweden), Dan and Matt. Since this picture was taken, Dan has moved back to the US and will be teaching residents in the Pacific Northwest. He will be sorely missed (more on that later). Please pray for our plucky group, as well as Dan, as he and his family start a new chapter in their lives.

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  1. Who keeps the "guys" in line????