Thursday, October 18, 2012

Posting Comments

We love comments-  yes, I'll admit it, I get very excited when I see that there are comments waiting to be read.  Part of the obstacle of writing a blog is getting past the barrier of, "does anyone want to hear what I have to say?"  We love to hear from you and love when  you email us and request to hear more about certain aspects of our lives.
Please be sure that you leave your name with your comments so we know who to love more than everyone else-


  1. Hopefully I can be considered to be a part of the silent majority that checks in frequently to see how things are going and leaves without saying anything. I will make more consistent feedback and keep up the posts and your family's great service.

  2. Sorry, I check everyday and comment on most. I'll try to signoff now. Love Ya, Granny

  3. I check your blog at least once a week to check to see what is going on with the Martin gang. I love getting to see how much the kids are growing and hearing about all the things that you are all involved in. We miss all of you and pray for you daily.
    Butch & Pam