Friday, March 28, 2014

Sun, Internet, Dr Who and Bible Studies

         Good Friday morning and I do mean good.  I am sitting here in the sun.  Yes you heard me right, we have sun today.  This is the first sunny day since we arrived the first week of February and I am beyond excited.  I am even prepared to sweat a little this afternoon if it will just hold up and stay sunny all day.
         Praise God that we have internet in our house once again and that we have a God who cares about the little things in life.  However, now that we have internet Joe and I don't have any excuses for not answering emails and blogging more often... gulp.
Most of you know about our newest addition, Rose Tyler.  I thought I would include some pictures to show how she has grown over the last 5 weeks.

        Last night at the ladies meeting at our church, our pastor's wife, Blanca spoke about tending to your spiritual life like it is a plant and that really spoke to me.  Am I weeding enough?  Am I catching enough of God's sunlight?  Am I soaking in the rain and fertilizer? or are my leaves turing yellow and fading?  I really need to make sure that my spiritual life is flourishing enough that I can produce flowers and be aware if my leaves are turning yellow and fading.  

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