Monday, September 1, 2014

The meat of the schedule

Trisha ready for the start of our two week circuit in the jungle with Jonas getting some camera time.
Well, we'd survived our week in the Villano River area of Pastaza (see previous post) and were able to get a few days rest before we headed back out, this time by plane to several Zapara communities in Eastern Ecuador.  This circuit would take almost 2 weeks and end on the Conambo River just on this side of the border with Peru.  Again, Trisha and Hannah (summer medical interns) would be traveling with us and I'd also be bringing Sebastiao along as well.  Accompanying me on this part of trip were Compasion's missionary Jonas Lopez and Reach Beyond missionary nurse Ian McFarland.

Heading back to Masaramu from Jandiayacu
A blood pressure check prior to the doctor visit

Jonas teaching Sebastiao and the other kids a new song
Jonas letting the kids know that Christ's blood covers all sin.

Our week began with all of us and our gear being flown into Masaramu, or so we thought. Part of our group was mistakenly dropped off in Jandiayacu (Masaramu's neighbor) and later met up with us by canoe.  This was my third trip to Masaramu and I was excited to see how the village was doing.  I was fortunate enough to take part in some of the evangelism there in 2010 and 2011 (you can read about it here).  Despite the earlier mix up with the landing site we were soon reunited and began getting situated to our surroundings.

The plan was to perform checkups on all of the kids and adults of both communities and also hold a few devotionals with those willing to come.  Because each community is fairly small our medical work didn't take very long so we were able to spend time sharing the Word and had a captive, albeit small, audience both days.  Overall it was a nice introduction for the interns to remote jungle life and also  a nice opportunity to spend some more quality time with Sebastiao.  He brought his fishing pole on the trip but was unable to catch anything despite using some nice juicy worms.  When he wasn't trying to go fishing he was a great help entertaining the kids and kept them in stitches.

Hannah getting stuck in the mud and slowly sinking . . .

Trying rescue her boot - a lot harder than you'd think.

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  1. Thanks for catching us up on your travels. I'm glad Sebastiao and Bella could travel with you. What a great experience.