Friday, January 16, 2015

New Year's Eve in Shell

  We spent our last New Year's Eve in Shell enjoying the evening with friends.   We walked through town and got to see the "old men" and women.  Families make a person and usually it is someone that has been important to them during the year and then at midnight you set the person on fire.  It isn't like burning a person in effigy-  its all in good fun.  When the hospital was open, each department would make their man and usually it was a doctor that they wanted to have a little fun with.
We ran into some friends of Bella's while in town (above)  and then also ran into many of these guys (below).  

For some reason, men dress up as women on new year's eve and walk around town.  They add a little in the front and little in the back, put on a very tight and revealing dress and then amazingly high heels. 

We ended the night with good friends who we will miss very much!

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