Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Prayer Request

Please pray for our car- I know that sounds strange, but last week our car just stopped working. The battery was good, there was gas (believe you me, the kids asked- run out of gas just one time and.....), it just wouldn't start. Friday afternoon, Joe had it towed to a recommended mechanic who said it was probably the starter- Ok, the starter, not a big deal. Well, it wasn't the starter. Evidently the computer on our "smart car" decided that our key wasn't the correct key and so the car has completely shut down and they can't fix it here. The car is being towed this morning to Ambato (2 hours away) to a Ford dealership. Please pray for safety for the driver who is taking our car, for the people in Ambato who will be working on it and for the whole thing to be fixed quickly and for as little as possible- we are a little concerned about things adding up.
The upside to the whole thing, the mechanic here in Pastazas checked out everything on the car and said it is in great shape- just computer problems. Plus (praise God!) he charged us the bare minimum for all of his hours of work trying to work out the problem. We are very grateful for even having a car, but man, do we miss it!

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