Thursday, April 5, 2012

It Begins . . .el año rural (rural year)

This is another of a rare breed . . .a sunset in Shell ;-)

This is the back entrance to our hospital and these windows look into our delivery room and OR area. Recently I was returning home and had turned around to see if the mountains in the background were visible. You know that you might experience a good sunset if they're visible. When I turned around and saw the sky and the stillness I was just overwhelmed with a sense of awe - in our Lord and His creation. I like this picture as it serves as a reminder of His majesty and power.

Just yesterday I was again reminded of this when I finally got word that I was approved to start my rural year. As I'd related in a previous post, I was running into some roadblocks in trying to get this started. The current Ecuadorian laws don't allow for someone to work without some kind of pay in a public health facility. We'd submitted a written request to the government for an exception, and after nearly a month and much prayer from all, I received word that my request was granted. What this means is that my rural year will have started on February 1 and when finished, I have a few more smaller steps to be "legal" (I'm currently working under the license/supervision of another of the missionary's license here). Thank you to all who prayed for us during these last two months.



  1. Praise and thank you to God who makes all things possible.

  2. It's great news Dr. Martin! I'm glad that our crazy system did not stop you from all the amazing job you are doing in Shell. I want to thank your family very much for the time Tracy and you spent with me. I am now working in getting my scholarship for research training. The answer has never been clearer, and it is because I've -and you, I hope- been asking for that.

    Big hugs from my small town (Shell-like) Nanegalito.