Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love From Afar

Maria was a patient at our hospital recently and had been admitted because of seizures. After getting her stabilized, we discovered that she'd had a history of cervical cancer that hadn't been properly treated. It was discovered that she now had metastases to her brain and a poor prognosis. She's in her early 40's and has several young children and, fortunately, a loving family. We were able to pray with her and her family and send her home on some medications to keep her comfortable.

What she was also able to receive was a small token of God's love through a group from the First Baptist Church in Mart, Texas. The WMU Ladies group has been making colorful pillow cases and sending them to us to give to patients with terminal illnesses. They're able to take them home and be reminded of God's love. So far, we've given 3 of them to patients and been humbled by their appreciation.

We've seen Maria once since this photo was taken but don't think that she'll be with us much longer. Please pray for her, her family, and the others that will come through our doors that they may be touched as Maria was. Please also pray for the Ladies WMU group from First Baptist Church in Mart, Texas.

- Joe

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