Thursday, July 4, 2013

First Clinic Day

Today was our first clinic day and Wow! We are tired.  Our first 3 days of clinic are here in the city of Accra working with a radio partner of HCJB Global, TheoVision.  Last year HCJB Global partnered with TheoVision to build a clinic here in Accra.  There are 2 HCJB Global physicians who will be coming this fall to begin work in the brand new clinic for 9 months to a year until they can get it staffed with Ghanian physicians.

.  Our task for the next 3 days is to do a small (All things are relative) clinic and kids club to introduce people to the clinic.  Most of my time here in Ghana will be working with the children, but while at the TheoVision clinic I get to also set up the lab and try to get a few test under way.

Joe and Steve Nelson each saw about 45 patients today in 7 hours.  The interns did a wonderful job taking vital signs, working the pharmacy and playing with the children.  The Ghanian people are so warm and love to laugh at us as we try to speak "correct" English or worse yet, their native language of  Twi.  I thought Ecuadorians were kind and patient with foreign speakers, but the Ghanians are proving to be even more so--- thankfully for us.  Joe is picking it up fairly quickly and even received a language lesson from a gentleman we met while out on a walk Monday morning.

 The highlight of the day is our 11:00 Coke break!

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