Monday, July 15, 2013

The Volta Region of Ghana

We are back from the Volta region of Ghana and WOW let me just say that God is amazing, Ghana is a beautiful country and the Ghanian people are utterly inviting.   We went to three different communities where HCJB Global's partner TheoVision has listening clubs each week.   Each community had its own personality and unique qualities.  We truly felt your prayers and God's hand on us as we worked each day.  6 days straight of leaving at 7AM and working until 3 or 4 was draining, but through God's grace and power we finished as well or even better than we began.  In just 6 days the clinic saw around 700 patients who met with loving Christian doctors who took time to listen to their concerns and then received free medications, glasses and/or counseling if necessary and the children from each school heard stories of Jesus's love and salvation while learning crazy games and songs.  Our mobile lab worked well and we were able to positively identify a mountain of malaria.

A basic clinic day began with a quick devotional led by one of  summer interns before we left our hotel each day.  The travel time to the villages was around 30 minutes and then  we would begin.  We were able to set up our tables under shade trees in each village which really made a difference and then you had to anchor things down to prepare for the wind gusts, which we didn't complain about.  Each village was asked to help organize the area as well as identify the sickest among their community to be seen first.  The second day in each community the crowds were always larger because word had spread.  We traded off for morning Coke breaks (a favorite part of my day) and lunch breaks so that the clinic continued to run all day until either everyone was seen or we had reached our maximum for the day.

The TheoVision staff that accompanied us on the trip, along with their missionaries in the area, were a joy to watch and learn from.  They are all very soft spoken, calm men of God and they had God's wisdom on so many occasions when the crowd would get rowdy or upset because everyone couldn't be seen that day.  Because the local language was
Ewe we were not able to communicate with most of the people and the doctors, pharmacy and vitals used a translator.  The most wonderful part about partnering with a national ministry is that we all need each other and just like Jesus says, one part is not more important than the other parts.  All of the parts need to be working for the entire concept to work. Without TheoVision already having listening clubs in these villages and already having contacts, we never would have been invited in.  Without the communities organizing the day and wonderful women cooking lunch for us each day we would not have been able to work at all and without nationals to counsel in their first language the patients would have only gotten part of the healing they needed.

We now have two more weeks left in 3 different areas.  The joy of the Lord has been our strength and we can only hope to be a blessing to those we come in contact with.

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