Monday, January 27, 2014

Amazing Things God Allows Us To Be Involved With

So here is one of the most amazing things about what we get to do.  This summer while we were in Ghana this guy showed up for some medical attention to his foot.
Yes, it is bad and really this picture doesn't do it justice.  It was amazingly horrible.  A nurse, Sheila Leech cleaned  it out best she could but really there wasn't much more that our doctors could do for him.  He needed to go to the hospital.  The Ghanian missionaries who were with us through TheoVision went to visit with him that afternoon to see how they could help.  That was all we knew until...

This story came out.  Read the "rest of the story" and see how God works.  We were just so honored to have been there in the beginning to see first hand how God is able to do amazing and wonderful things through ordinary situation.

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