Sunday, January 26, 2014

Returning to Ecuador

Well, after a month working in Ghana Africa and 5 months in the US it is now time for us to return to service.   We will be returning to Shell, but with the hospital closed, we will be working in different ministries.  Joe will be working with Community Development on medical outreaches.   Tracy will continue to homeschool both children.  We are still seeking God's will for our future, but have made a 6 month commitment to Community Development in Shell.  Please pray for us as we seek God's will for our future.  
We are hoping to have all of our visa documents by Monday and hopefully visas by Tuesday and then returning to Ecuador by the first week of February.  We have had a wonderful time in the states reconnecting with friends and family and watching the children learn more about American culture and the glories of the "land of good and plenty."  
Please pray for our trip back to Ecuador and for our family as we readjust to a different life in the same place.  

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  1. I hope we recognize you Joe'll ;) when you're back in Shell. We will make some coffee when you arrive. The Groens