Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Exciting Times

We knew it was inevitable and would eventually happen.... we had our first snake IN THE HOUSE! Yep, we were all sitting around after dinner in the living room and from under the chair where Joe was sitting out crawled (what we think is) a coral snake. In Ecuador coral snakes don't follow the same patterns as in the U.S.A. The "yellow on black friend of Jack" doesn't mean anything. If it has colorful stripes, you better beware- not that I would have been any more excited had it been nonvenomous.
I originally posted these pictures on FaceBook, but there I didn't tell the whole story. I know in the pictures it looks huge, but in reality it was about 12-14 inches long and only about 1/2 inch wide. Not very big, but large enough that we are trying to figure out how he got in the house and how to stop others from entering.
To top it all of, right now the hospital is completelly out of anti-venin.... I think the Lord put this snake in our house so I would remember to pray that they get anti-venin quickly!


  1.! Maybe he crawled in through the toilet ;) haha! Happy sitting!

  2. has a great poster of snakes from SA (I think Craig took some to the hospital when he was there). We will be praying about the antivenin (I never thought about them running out).