Sunday, January 3, 2010

Praise God! We Have A Car!

Yes, Praise God we finally have a car and I dont' think any of us is as excited as Bella. She told everyone we were going to Quito to get a car and we all sure hoped she was correct. We were fortunate enough to find a 2005 Explorere in just one day and complete the transaction (much more involved than in the states) the next day. We figured that if our explorere in the states could take us over 200,000 miles, it might just do the same down here.
The first picture below is a picture of our explorer and yes, that is a monkey sitting on the hood. Don't worry that isn't a normal occurrence- we don't live that remote. We went to a big tree house that is close by and this was one of their pets. He was very cute until he started swinging from our antenna. Fortunatly Joe's dad came to the rescue. The monkey preferred licking his dad's head to swinging on our car - Thanks again Calvin!


  1. I'm surprised that Bella didn't take the monkey home with her.

    Blue was a great choice, Sebastiao.

    Miss Ya, Granny

  2. Love the car!! ITs SWEET!! Im still footin it but hopefully for not too much longer!! Miss you guys!