Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haiti Relief

Please pray for our friends and fellow missionaries who left quickly last week for disaster relief in Haiti. 2 Physicians from Shell, Dr. Eckehart Wolff a surgeon and Dr. Paul Barton and anestesiologist along with 2 family physicians from Quito, Dr. Mark Nelson and Dr. Steve Nelson. Our prayers are very personal for them because they are all 4 close personal friends, plus the next disaster it could be Joe's turn to travel. I have posted a few pictures that show them at work. Specifically please pray for
-rest and the energy to keep going amid horrid conditions
-Clean water
-the right words to say and translators
-the ability to show God's love through this tragedy
-safety and quick return to their families here in Ecuador

This picture show just how crowded the hosptial is. This is a hall way where several patient are laying down and 3 of our doctors are in consultations. Left to right- Dr Wolff (green shirt), Dr. Steve Nelson (blue cap), and Dr. Mark Nelson (striped shirt).

These 2 pictures show Drs Wolff and Barton in the OR. Dr. Barton is the taller man in the background and Dr. Wolff is on the left.

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