Monday, September 28, 2009

A Bad Day to Gather Bananas

Last weekend Joe was on call Friday-Monday. When he took over the hospital there were 3 patients, when he got finished, there were 21! Yep, only my husband could multiply patients that quickly, and these weren't just normal things either.
-A boy had climbed a banana tree to harvest the banana, he accidentally fell out of the tree and landed on a spear they used to fish with. It went in at the base of his neck and remained embedded near the base of his skull. Fortunately the spear missed his brain and major arteries, but he still needed surgery.
-Another man had already cut down his bananas and was in the process of throwing them over his back to carry them home, when a snake that was in the banana bundle bit him.
-Not banana related, he delivered 6 babies, diagnosed a few people with cancer, and maybe slept 12 hours the entire weekend. But in the end, he was given a bunch of the bananas! can't wait to cook them up.

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