Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Texas Drought in Ecuador

Ok, so thank you to everyone for praying for us. My mom is so funny, she asked if we brought Texas weather to Ecuador. I sure hope we didn't. We haven't gotten any rain, but the city did get their water pump working, so we do have some water for the time being. We usually use water from the hospital cistern. Now it is being pumped from the local rivers. I never thought I would be so happy to see brown, chunky water coming through my faucets, but I am very pleased! I can at least wash dishes and allow everyone to poop at home! We don't know if we will have water all day or how they are going to ration it, so please continue praying for rain, it is very much needed.


  1. Can you say "poop" in a missionary blog?!!! Come on! We were thinking about supporting you....but... Glad to hear the water's back on! I love looking at your blog. Now you know that you can't complain about the Irwins on here, because we're watching!

  2. Hi Joe & Tracy,just a note to say hi and that your rain is in my prayers.Met Dr. Van,nice guy,good doctor but NO JOE MARTIN.
    Praying for Your Mission
    Jerry Hineline