Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whats the Best Way to Get Milk?

Ok, so the days of picking up a few gallons of milk in the refrigerated section of an HEB are long gone. In Shell, you milk options are either boxes of milk that don't have to be refrigerated until they are opened, powdered milk or fresh milk from someone who has a cow and then pasteurizing it. The boxed milk tastes pretty good, and when it is cold, the children don't complain. The down side to this is, however, trying to carry home enough for a family of 4. For the first month we just bought milk about every 4 days, because I didn't want to carry home an entire case from the store, and the children wouldn't volunteer to do it for me. But then our neighbors told me that they buy milk from a family who has cows and then they pasturize it themselves. Fortunatly, one of our neighbors had an extra pasturization machine we could borrow. The machine is from like 1950, but it works well and now we have fresh milk delivered to our house and I can carry home more important things from the store like coke zero!


  1. God knew you couldnt live without Coke Zero! I bet that brought a smile to your face when you found it :)

  2. That's quite the deal! And you know you can't live without Coke Zero!! :)