Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pray For US!

Please pray for us and the hospital as many things are changing here.  We will be leaving the last week of June for Ghana and won't return until January.  There will be many different short-term working visitor Family Practice (FP) physicians here while we are away, but no full-time FP docs.  We know our God is big and can do amazing things, but we need prayer.  The hospital is looking to hire 2 Ecuadorian FP doctors but so far we don't have any applicants.  We are praying that if God wants our hospital to continue that he will send national physicians to take over.  As it stands now, there will only be 3 FP doctors between now and August and then 2 between August and November and then only one doctor until we get back in January (now doesn't your job look good!)  We know this is God's work and we know he works in mysterious ways, but please pray for provision for the hospital and faith for us.

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