Monday, April 29, 2013

Preparing For Ghana

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Since 2013 is flying by faster than ever, we have been reminded that in just two short months we will be traveling to Ghana. We purchased our tickets last week and are trying to focus on the great opportunity and not the long days of travel and fifteen (kind of a exaggerations- but not far off) planes we will have to take to get there.  We are very spoiled when it comes to travel.  Since United (and at one time Continental-  Oh, how we miss you Continental) fly directly from Houston to Quito, we only have a short car ride (with Blue Bell Ice cream)  one plane to get to Ecuador- and then just a five hour drive to be home.  
Joe and another missionary Family Practice physician from Ecuador will be leading the HCJB Global summer interns during the medical caravans while the kids and I do crafts with the children who come to the caravans each day.   Please pray that we will have time here to prepare for Ghana, both spiritually and physically.  We will also be sending in our applications this week for our Ghanaian visas.  Please pray that we can get our visas without much trouble.  
One last note.  If you would like to help out with our  Ghana trip you can follow this link to give.

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