Monday, April 22, 2013

Prayer Needed

** Warning, this is a very honest post.  If you believe (and want to continue in your paradigm) missionaries are close to perfect, the picture of faith and incapable of questioning God's plan- DO NOT CONTINUE READING (I am smirking, but really we don't want to burst anyone's image of us)

I have a feeling that there will be lots of "prayer needed" post coming your way in the next few weeks, no months to come.  I'm not sure if it is spiritual warfare, trying times, or just life, but honestly things are hard right now.  We are tired from 2 years of work with almost no break, and emotionally spent trying to determine what path we should take next, where things are going with the hospital and how everything is going to get done with a quarter of the "human" resources we need- all the while appearing to "have it all together" and be a pillar of faith.  So... tired, yes we are tired.

Specific Prayer Request-
        God's leading for the direction of the hospital
        God to send Ecuadorian physicians to work at the hospital
        God's grace to cover all of us as we try to figure things out
        God's energy to continue on