Sunday, July 19, 2009

Boots, Boots, B.O.O.T.S., Boots!

We made a major purchase yesterday and bought the children rain boot, or more appropriately here, mud boots! All of their friends wear them and we have some coming in our freight, but we just couldn't wait that long. They loved them and even put them on while we were riding on the bus and walked home in them!


  1. The "mud boots" are really cute, and I bet come in very handy. What struck me even more though was having to ride a bus everywhere and walking. Oh man, that would be major culture shock. Will you ever have a car there? How far is it to the bus? Is the bus like the buses we have here? I guess there is no air in them. I'm praying for you and your needs. Hope everything else is going ok.

  2. I bought rain boots for Brazil as well because ther is just no good way to conquer the mud! We miss you guys and hope you're doing well.