Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update on Rosa

Well, I was going to update everyone over the weekend on Rosa’s condition but had to go to Quito at the last minute, more details later. As I had written Rosa did have her amputation. Unfortunately, it had to be done a little above the knee because of the absence of enough vital tissue below for the “stump”. The next day was still dicey for her as she was still fighting the severe “blood infection”. She required several transfusions, but by the next day she was already looking a little better. She is still receiving intravenous antibiotics but hopefully will go home in the next couple of days.

The loss of her limb still weighs heavily on the family. When her mother finally got to see her she was devastated. On top of all of this her family found out what the bill is. Despite this being a charity hospital, medical services still come with a price (usual a nominal amount). But given her condition and what was needed to treat her, she does have a substantial bill by Ecuadorian standards. Through donations from the supporters of the hospital there is a fund that does help needy families with the payment. Please pray that they may qualify and be free of this other burden. As to her prognosis when she gets home, while she will surely face many unforeseen challenges with only one leg, many children who have had amputations like hers have gone on to never miss a beat – climbing trees, working, etc. Please pray that she may find strength to face all of her upcoming challenges.

Lastly, I do want to thank you for your prayers as they have been answered. Rosa’s father broke down when I told him how many of you were praying for her recovery and the overall health of their family. Please continue to pray that her family may learn to rely on the Lord and seek a permanent relationship with Him.


  1. Fefe told me about your blog and I am so glad I found it. I have added Rosa as well as all you to my prayer list. Looking forward to your future posts. We are so proud of you and your commitment to serve that community!!!!!

  2. Great blog. I{d have no idea how to do this, I am impressed. Nice stories.
    I enjoyed meeting Rosa, she is really sweet, nice family.
    What is the ´comment as/select profile´ box below? I just clicked anonymous because it was the only one that I knew what it meant.