Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Updates

First of all a big "THANK YOU" to all of you who have prayed for Rosa. Joe saw her up and on her crutches yesterday and she is doing so much better. She will probably go home next week. As for her hospital bill, another big "THANK YOU" to those of you who have asked how you can help with that. While her hospital bill is minuscule in comparison with what it would be in the states, it is still a large amount for Ecuador, especially a family that lives in the jungle. The hospital charity fund has taken care of half of her bill but the family still needs a little over $1000, so they truly appreciate the help.
While I am thanking everyone, Thanks also for praying for our freight. We got word today that it is out of customs. The furniture we ordered won't be ready until Monday, so we should get everything Tuesday. While we trust God to provide for us, it still doesn't seem real that we will get everything.... I don't think until it is sitting in my driveway, I will believe it!

I will leave you with a picture of the closest volcano to us, Sangay . We had a beautiful clear afternoon today (very unusual) and we could see all of the mountains to the west of us including 2 volcanoes. I will post more pictures later, but I thought you might enjoy this.

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  1. Hey Dr.Joe,Jerry Hineline here.Please send me an email address so i can send you things directly.
    I know you are very busy with your mission and that free time not come very often.All of you remain in my prayers. "GOD" Bless