Friday, July 10, 2009

Is Anyone Out There?

Lena, a wonderful friend who is on her way to Uganda (you can be pray for her also - sent me this picture she took at a local Megamart. We have had several discussion about blogs and whether or not people actually read them or if we are just basically journaling for our own use.


  1. Hey!! Was just thinking about you guys earlier today and wondering how things are going. I look forward to your posts, so you can count me as being "out there" reading it! I think people don't realize how important it is to comment. Post an update on everything...Pat & I are looking forward to hearing from you guys!

  2. I have been checking every day to see if you have posted anything new. I knew you had made it safely to Ecuador, but didn't know if you had arrived safely to Shell. Please continue to post to the blog. There are definitely those of us that want to know what is happening in the lives of the Martin family. Also, you need to let us know of specific prayer requests.

    We think of you often. You are all in our prayers.

    Pam Maddux

  3. I'm here and checking on you daily. I'm so glad to see you finally have innernet. I have several sites I check on but don't leave a message. I'll try to be sure to stop and say hello when I check on you. I hope you arrived with all your belongings and that everything is as you had hoped. Talk to you again soon.
    JoAnne Tucker

  4. We've been checking in encouraged, your not talking to yourself. Keep posting! Bless you guys! The Ross'

  5. I like to read other people's blogs, but I'm not so good at writing them myself. I just don't think anyone would care to read about my boring life. ~Margo

  6. yeah my friend! Or in Lugandan...its "mukwano gwange" Its good to see you up and runnin with the know I will be reading it!
    love you!
    lena :)