Monday, July 13, 2009

Our First Week At Church

Sunday we attended our first week of Church in Ecuador. Well it wasn't entirely our first week. When we visited here in 2007 we also went to church, but things are much different when you know it is your home and not just a vacation. Anyway, we went to Iglesai Luz Del Evangelio (The Evangelistic Church of Light). It was wonderful and we really enjoyed the singing, although after the first 30 minutes, I wondered how long we would sing for. There is just something about singing worship songs (in any language) that gets you in the mood to praise God. We sang for about an hour and then a hour of preaching, so this baptist girl has a little to get used to, but it was very enjoyable. Church has allowed me to start my list of "THINGS I AM REALLY GLAD WE BROUGHT": A bible that is in Spanish and English. On each page there is column in English and one in Spanish and it is wonderful. I can follow along with the pastor as he reads and then skip over to the English side to make sure I understood. Very helpful.

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  1. How cool! That would be neat to have. Glad to hear you guys enjoyed it!