Friday, August 21, 2009

The Best Thing in Ecuador

Ok, well it might not be THE best thing, but it definelty ranks right up there. I am talking about Moras. They are kind of like blackberries and they are used mainly to make juice, but we have found all kinds of uses for them. Joe made an amazing sorbet the other day, I used them in a danish and just got a recipe for muffins I can't wait to try. What makes them even better is that this nice gentleman comes around every Monday morning to sell them, so its one less thing I have to carry home from the market. He also sells strawberries (also used for juice) which are very good. Isabella has almost made herself sick from eating Strawberries all day. As with most fruits, moras and strawberries are very common here and so we can buy enough to make juice for the week and have a little extra to snack on. Above is the picture of "El Senor de las moras" and below is me washing them in the disinfectant so we can make juice. This then adds one more thing to my TIGWB list: A juicer. Most ecuadorians just use a blender and then strain the mixture (which takes FOREVER). I am very glad we visited our friendly Target and just brought a Juiceman with us!


  1. Oh man...I miss strawberries! And articokes! And asparagus! BUT I cant complain we have some amazing fruits as well :)