Monday, August 24, 2009

Sebastiao's Newest Friends

My sweet sweet son (the termite eater) made 2 new wonderful friend a few weeks ago while attending a VBS at the local orphanage (Casa de Fe) - we will write much more about this amazing place later. Javier (on the left) and Antonio (in the center) are such sweet boys and they came to Sebastiao's birthday party this past weekend. We truly enjoyed getting to know them and then learning more about their stories.

Life in Ecuador can be very hard and even though we don't understand why some things happen here or the mindset of certain things, we are grateful for a place like Casa de Fe where these sweet boys can have a safe caring environment and learn how much God loves them. We would love for some of you to come down here soon and spend some time helping out at Casa de Fe.

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  1. They are so cute! Glad to hear he's made some friends already. Can't wait to come visit!!