Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Sorry we have been so silent the last few days. Ok, so everyone who was praying for our freight to get here, you can stop and just praise God for answered prayers. This is our house Monday afternoon.
Then about 7:30 this arrived:

and so for the last few days we have been going through all of this...

The Lord has been so amazing. Everything is here and out of everything we brought, only 2 small corning ware bowls were broken, a pretty amazing feat for all the freight has gone through. We praise God for his overwhelming presence and for giving us so much more than we could ever have imagined and definitely more than we deserve. Thank You Father God!

We will post more pictures of the house once things are a little less "everywhere".


  1. Praise God!! How exciting. It was great talking to you guys the other night...miss you all!

  2. So glad everything arrived. Now you can really settle in. I know how you feel, due to the carpet thing. I still have furniture in the garage, and crates haven't been touched yet. For me it is the will never get organized answer. :)