Thursday, August 20, 2009

Watch What You Say

Ok, so we are learning an important lesson about words. Even if you know a word in Spanish, it may have a different meaning depending on what country you are in. For example, EXITADO can be the word for EXCITED, but in Ecuador it has much more to do with what occurs between a married couple than how you feel when you get a new car. Another example is the word ENFERMO which I thought meant sick. However I found out tonight while talking with some Ecuadorian friends that the other day day when I told someone that I thought Isabella and I were getting "enferma" what I was really saying was the we were starting our "time of the month." That explains the reaction I got...... So, just remember, just because you know the word doesn't mean you always know the meaning. I sure am glad I am used to making a fool of myself. Life is so much easier and more fun when you can laugh at yourself while other are also.


  1. Yikes, I was taught to use the word "enferma" here for sick....the people we serve use the word for gift for when it is that time of the month (intersting since some in the US call it the curse). I am going to double check on the word "enferma" in Sacha Runa :) I seriously need to get a non-indigenous Spanish tutor :) Can you email me your tutor's phone number?

  2. Haha! You and me both...turns out that Luganda is a tonal language and I cant hear the difference between some of the words...this week I cause some Ugandans to laugh so hard they almost feel over...SOOO Instead of asking for a cup of water, I asked for a cup of poop. And last night I was trying to say that the moon looked nice and said that the prostitute looked nice...why moon and prositute have to sound the same I have NO idea...same with water and poop! Craziness I tell you!