Monday, November 5, 2012

Granadillas and Costumes and Children..... Oh My!

Here in Shell, we don't have boring old pumpkin jack-o'lanterns at our house, we make GRANADILLA-LANTERNS.  Fun, yummy and portable for snack at school! 

My mom sent Halloween Peeps, so we made them into Peep Pops and even roasted a few over the stove.

The kids where very excited about dressing up for Halloween this year so they had their costume ideas ready early- unfortunately we didn't have their costumes ready early.... but as long as they are finished before dark on October 31st it all OK- right?

Isabella was a vampire bat and posed like this all night. 


 Sebastiao was a gold Lego Brick.
This year's trick-or-treating group was the largest I think we have had in the last 3 years.  There were about 27 children.


  1. An excellent idea for peeps. I'll watch what you can make with the Christmas ones (if I can find them). Can't imagine Bella as a vampire - too sweet, but Sebastiao is "solid gold". Granny

  2. You're kids costumes were great, looks like they really enjoyed dressing up with their friends. Our boys love halloween and wearing costumes as well.