Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why Love?

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Tonight I heard an interview with Ricky Martin (no, don't get excited... he didn't make some amazing profession of faith).  He was talking about some song he sings and how it had a very "Budist" message.  He said that because he loves himself, he can love others.  That caught me as really sad.  If I had to depend upon how I felt about myself in order to treat others well, we (read that You guys) would all be in a world of hurt most of the time.    What a wonderful thing that I can love others because Jesus loves me and sets the bar pretty darn high for how we are to treat others. Thank God we have more to live for than our feelings, we have his ultimate sacrifice, the perfect example of how to live and the most amazing future.

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  1. Love this message. I'm working on Lottie Moon Christmas offering display using "heart", "hands" and "voice". Got any ideas? Granny