Friday, November 16, 2012

Work or the Very Least the Perception of Work

I tend to be a bit of a control freak....maybe a slight understatement, but for those of you who, like me, need to at least have the sense of control of meaningless things that really only matter you- this post of for you.

This morning while sweeping the back porch (before I mopped it- because it is impossible to have a good day without a sparkling clean back porch) I was thinking over all I had to do today-

-frost the cupcakes for the Thanksgiving presentation at school tonight
- go to the store to buy the things to make frosting
-put dinner in the crockpot so we can eat before the presentation and not devour the cupcakes on the way to the school
-make sure the Parkview group has reservation in Quito for their upcoming trip (a bright spot to the day)
-go to work
-wait for a phone call from work
-actually comb my hair and put on make-up before I go to work
-clean up breakfast dishes
-unload the dishwasher
-start a load of laundry
-grade Sebastiao's work from yesterday
-oh yeah,....... and teach Sebastiao- (5th grade is challenging for the teacher)

Well to say the least I was a bit overwhelmed and when I get overwhelmed I get petty.  I start comparing, which we all know is the root of all evil.  I have always been perplexed by the saying, "There is no rest for the wicked."  For me, being wicked requires almost no effort.  I have never had to spend time in prayer asking God to give me sarcastic comments, but I do spend a lot of time asking him to give me nice words and a caring attitude.  But I digress..... So, while in my emotional sweeping/moppin upheaval, the Lord spoke to me and reminded me that everything I do is working for him- not working for the kids, or working for Joe or working for the hospital, but working for him.  However, that wasn't comforting in that moment because, my next thoughts were how much harder I would need to work and how much more important the clean  back porch would be and how much more tired I would feel (yes, I need to be medicated!)   Then God reminded me that he gives a day off and gives rest- not just metaphorically speaking in your heart as we are dragging around working, but in actually asking me to sit for a few quiet moments alone (yes, I said alone) For those of  you who are moms ALONE is what we once used to be while going to the bathroom- remember, when no one else is around not even yelling at you through a closed door.  God is showing me that I need to do the tasks he has set before me but I also need to truly rest, be in his presence and trust that no matter how trivial or important my tasks are, they are for him.

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  1. A reminder for all of us to leave out hearts open for God's reminders! Granny