Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Life As A Homeschooling, Laboratory Director Mom

I think I mentioned a few months ago that back in April I was asked to become the director of the hospital laboratory. Dra. Narcisa Brito, who had been the laboratory director and who has worked for the hospital for over 20 years agreed to become the new Hospital Administrator. We have all been very please working in this capacity with Narcisa and are impressed daily with her ability to balance "work" and ministry.

So, that left an opening in the lab. The timing was interesting, because I had just decided to home-school so...... after much prayer and lots of discussions about what I would be doing, I became the director of the laboratory at Hosptial Vozandes del Oriente! I work with an amazing group of women.  They care so much for the patients and for accurate and quick results. 

Well, since April, I have gotten overwhelmed countless times and tried to quit twice but you know how that usually turns out. We have tweaked the schedule, acquired an amazing lab coordinator and spent countless hours in prayer trying to figure out how it all will work, but now, at the end of November, things have hit a steady pace.

Me with some of the lab chicas- yes, I know I'm a giant next to them!
Each morning after getting Bella off to school, Sebastiao and I start school. We work until 12:30ish when Bella returns for lunch and then after lunch we continue until Sebastiao leaves for art, music or PE at the school. When he leaves for school, I go to the hospital and work for a few hours. The kids stop by my office when the come home from school and it always nice to see them there. Of course there are phone calls and emails all times of the day and night and time on the computer at home, but I try to leave "school time" as just "school time"and make sure the children know they are my first priority.  Somedays I'm more successful than others.

There are days when I wish I was just a normal, "stay at home" mom- whatever that is. Days, when I wish I could just lay in the hammock and read a book while the children are at school or have time to do something crafty before 10 o'clock at night, but then I go to the hospital and by chance do something that is helpful.... and it all seems worth-while and God's plan seems clearer and just a little bit closer.


  1. Keep up the great work and thanks for the picture, Granny

  2. Unbelievably busy I see. School is very demanding on parents, but we do it because we love them. Good luck with the lab and please remember "No open-toed shoes".